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Policies & Procedures

Thank you for considering the Frank J. Pasquerilla Conference Center. Please review the following policies and procedures to help ensure the success of your event.

Due to current economic conditions, food and beverage prices are subject to uncontrollable market increases of no more than five (5) per cent. Prices cannot be guaranteed more than 90 days in advance.

Taxes and Service Charges
All prices are subject to 20% service charge plus applicable state sales tax, currently at 6%. If your group is sales tax exempt, a copy of your Tax Exemption Certificate is required prior to your function so your bill may be processed correctly.

The Conference Center requires a guarantee of the number of people to be served three (3) business days prior to the function. The customer will be charged for the final count without exception unless the number of meals served exceeds the final count. The Conference Center is always able
to accommodate 2% above the guaranteed count. Beyond this increase, menu substitutions may be made.

Menu Selection
To be certain of the availability of your selection, we request that all menus be confirmed at least three (3) weeks in advance of the functions. To en- sure the quality of food and service, we ask you to limit your selection of any given meal to no more that two (2) selections for the entire group per event. Our sales staff will work with you regarding any special dietary or religious considerations necessary. Our sales staff will be happy to help arrange any special menus or theme parties. Buffets require a minimum of 25 persons. Excess food is the property of the Conference Center. Our Chef’s will work to customize any menu tailored to your needs or wishes.

Room Assignments
The Conference Center guarantees the amount of space required to com- fortably accommodate your function according to the estimated attendance at the time of booking. Specific rooms cannot be guaranteed. Function rooms are assigned one week in advance of the function. If the number of guests fluctuates, it may be necessary to reassign the room accordingly.

Provision of Beverages and Catering
Food, beverage, and liquor cannot be brought into the Conference Center from off premises. All food and beverage must be purchased from the Conference Center.

Payment Policies
The customer may pay for a function with cash, personal check, group or company check (identification required) or major credit card.

A 10% initial deposit is required within ten days of booking to confirm the booking. If a deposit is not received within ten days, space will be released for resale. An additional 40% must be paid 60 days prior to the function. Balance of the bill is due on the date of the function. All deposits are non- refundable.

Miscellaneous Policies
Security: If extra security is required, the customer will incur the associated cost.
Decorations: Any decorations provided by the Conference Center are the sole property of the Conference Center and cannot be taken from the premises. In the event that decorations are removed from the Conference Center, an appropriate fee will be assessed.
Patron’s Property: Any personal property of guests or invitees brought onto the premises of the Conference Center and left thereon shall be at the sole risk of the patron.
Conduct: The Conference Center reserves the right in deference to guests and patrons and proper management of the Conference Center to maintain acceptable volume levels for entertainment. The orderly behavior of attendees is the responsibility of the client in charge of the function according to full compliance with the Conference Center rules and regula- tions. The client in charge assumes full responsibility of his/her attendees and any hired entertainment.
Band Policy: The Conference Center is not responsible to serve band members food and liquor unless they are included with the final count. Volume level is at the discretion of the Conference Center management.
Contact Person: The contact person who signs the contract must be an authorized company/group representative. For the benefit of communi- cation between the Conference Center and the customer, it is preferred to deal with only one authorized person.
Unforeseen Circumstances: In the event of or impossibility of performance due to strikes, accidents, acts of God, government regulation, civil disorder, curtailment of transportation or other emergencies that make it inadvisable, illegal or impossible to provide the Conference Center facili- ties, the agreement will be terminated and the Conference Center shall be excused from performance and liable for only repayment of deposit.