In 1992 the city of Johnstown was in a state of chaos and city leadership determined that the city could not go on with business

as usual. Johnstown was a city in need of change. City leaders needed to create a vision and set priorities for a new Johnstown.

In 1997 they changed the form of government to a City Manager system and formed the Greater Johnstown Partnership for the

revitalization of downtown Johnstown. During this year the first discussions of a potential convention center occurred. In 1999

the Johnstown Renaissance Partnership was born and rolled out its 21st century plan for the revitalization of the downtown area.

Between the years 2000 and 2003 the Partnership began their vision of a Renaissance Complex which included a new convention

center. One of the people on the Partnership was Frank J. Pasquerilla. Mr. Pasquerilla was the Chairman and CEO of Crown American

Realty Trust, a shopping mall development company, and Crown American Hotels, a hotel management company both based out of

Johnstown. As a local business person whose company employed hundreds of people in Johnstown at the time, Mr. Pasquerilla saw the

need to help create a better Johnstown for residents and guests to enjoy. $25 million was needed to complete the project and Mr.

Pasquerilla secured over half of these necessary funds. Thus, the building is proud to bear his name. Construction started on the

new convention center as well as a parking garage in 2002. At this time Crown American Hotels was awarded the contract to manage

the facility. The Frank J. Pasquerilla Conference Center opened in May 2003 with the annual Showcase for Commerce event.